Ruth Swissa Brow Shaping Scissors

Ruth Swissa Brow Shaping Scissors

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Brow Shaping Scissors

Ruth Swissa's brow shaping scissors sculpt the perfect brow. Ultra-thin, sharp blades are designed to isolate, lift and trim each hair with accuracy and control. The custom-contoured body of the scissors is designed for comfortable maneuvering. Sharp, ultra-thin precision blades allow each hair to be isolated with accuracy and control, with an ergonomic design that guarantees easy handling. Our scissors have a stainless steel finish for quick and easy sanitation (no enamel means you can sanitize the whole tweezer, not just the tips).


Brush brows upward to determine which hairs need trimming. Cut one hair at a time. Use brush again to reshape.

Tool Care
Clean scissors after each use with isopropyl alcohol or peroxide.

Stainless Steel. Manufactured in Germany.